Jul 06

Personal Property

The accredited personal property appraiser has the specialized knowledge achieved through academic study and practical experience to competently produce appraisals for specific purposes such as insurance, estate tax, damage claims, donation, sale, dissolution of marriage and equitable distribution.

Personal property is defined as tangible, movable property that is utilitarian, collectible, decorative or a combination of the three.

An appraiser of personal property must be prepared to recognize and identify objects, both antique and contemporary, utilitarian and non-utilitarian. Subject to the code of ethics of the society, the appraiser will identify and value all the objects for which the appraiser’s training, experience and accreditation qualify him or her, and the appraiser will refer to or consult other specialists as required.

In recognition of the public’s need for professionally qualified appraisers, ASA tests and accredits personal property appraisers in various specialties. The three primary specialties are:

Antiques and Decorative Arts-Antiques are properties with appreciating values for reasons of age, craftsmanship, artistic merit and/or historical significance. (An antique is at least 100 years old.) Decorative arts are crafted properties, appreciating in value, for reasons of design, function and aesthetic merit.

Fine Arts-Fine arts include artistic and aesthetic objects created normally without function and/or utility, such as wall art and statuary.

Contents-General-(See specialists under Residential Contents-General) Basic utilitarian personalty, normally but not necessarily depreciating with use, to include furnishings, decorative accessories, appliances and utilitarian properties found on residential property and/or in the workplace.

In addition, ASA tests and accredits in the following specialties: African sculpture; antique and collectible glass; antique firearms, armor and militaria; antique furniture; Asian art; audiovisual media recordings; automotive specialties; books; clocks; fine arts photography; firearms; Native American art; numismatics; Oriental rugs; pre-Columbian art; silver and metalware; sports collectibles and memorabilia; textiles-general; textiles-quilts and violins.